2022 Summer Experiences

Summer SEK 2022 offers an all-round range of activities for your children to enjoy an unforgettable experience next summer, both at SEK schools in Spain, and summer courses abroad held in France and Ireland, and on board our school ship, the Cervantes Saavedra. For summer 2022 we continue to offer our Multi-campus summer camps, a combined experience in which your children can get to know different places, spending an unforgettable week on board the Cervantes Saavedra along with the option of continuing at our schools in the Alps or Dublin.


All our camps and course for children and young people cater for both SEK and non-SEK students, offering activities adapted to their needs through new approaches that enrich the learning process over the months of July. We boast over 65 years’ experience in offering summer experiences that offer a fantastic opportunity to broaden learning through unique experiences that will stay with children throughout their lives.

SUMMER SEK camps and courses for children and young people strive to generate one-of-a-kind experiences that foster teamwork, leadership, creativity, ingenuity, discovering new environments and technology and overcoming adversity, in addition to an all-round academic program.

We will continue to closely monitor the pandemic and changing government guidelines to be able to offer your children the best summer experiences for children and young people in safe environments, following the protocols we have had in place since March 2020 and that are working very well at our schools (See ‘Health and safety measures Summer SEK 22’.)

Live the Summer SEK experience with the 2022 summer camps and courses for children and young people in Spain and abroad!


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Health and safety measures at Summer SEK Experiences

At SEK Education Group the priority is to ensure the health and safety of both our students and our members of staff, following at all times the instructions from the Spanish Ministry of Health and regional authorities regarding health matters, as well as educational best practices at an international level.

Multicampus summer courses

Summer courses in Spain

Summer courses abroad

Summer SEK with over 60 years’ experience

A leading educational group
In designing and organising summer experiences
First class facilities and resources
Adapted to each experience
SEK teaching staff and qualified instructors
Activities designed by our staff
One-of-a-kind learning experiences
To live an unforgettable summer