Exam recovery

Summer school and extra tuition in Almería

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Students born from 2003 to 2008 inclusive
From year 1 ESO to year 2 Baccalaureate


According to subjects that need to be resat


From 9.30 to 16.00


From 28 June to 15 July only for year 4 ESO and year 2 Baccalaureate *
*Pending publication of the dates for the resit exams for year 4 ESO and PEvAU for year 2 Bachillerato
From 5 to 30 July for years 1, 2, 3 ESO and year 1 Baccalaureate *
*Subject to official resit datesk

The aim of this summer course is to bolster study habits and improve specific techniques for each subject. Classes are aimed at resitting failed subjects and preparing the September PAU exam resit.

Therefore, the programme features a work plan to bolster contents for each subject. Students work on improving study techniques and time organisation and how to make studying easier, more comfortable and effective. We work on fostering daily study habits and acquiring self-sufficiency in learning.

SEK professionals specialised in each of the subjects.

Necessary material
Laptop with camera and specific program.

Practical information
Regular communication with the student’s tutor

Check with School Secretary

Week / fortnight option only for year 4 ESO and year 2 Bachillerato
Week / fortnight for years 1, 2, 3 ESO and year 1 Baccalaureate

Miguel López Ponce  miguel.lopez@sek.ie

Antonio Magaña Gázquez antonio.magana@sek.es

Enrolment in the exam resit summer course should be done by fulling in a form to be found by clicking on the enrolment button and sent to the school secretary.

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