Summer school and extra tuition in Almería

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Born between 2006 and 2011
Students from year 1 ESO to 2 Baccalaureate
From 13 to 18 years old


German, French and English, according to reinforcement subjects.


From 9:30 to 16:00


From 24 June to 26 July



This Active Reinforcement course is developed to give your children an exceptional opportunity. It is carefully designed to align with the competency framework of the SEK Education Group.
Focused on cultivating self-regulation and lifelong learning, this programme not only improves time management and study methods, but also facilitates a more intuitive and effective approach to learning.

The main objective is to establish a solid study habit and perfect work techniques in the necessary subjects, allowing your children to consolidate the knowledge acquired throughout the year. This course is specially designed to encourage autonomy in learning, ensuring a deep and lasting consolidation of knowledge.

We invite your children to participate in this Active Reinforcement course, where they will be guided towards a path of continuous improvement and personal development. With classes that adapt to individual needs, this programme aims to be an enriching experience, preparing them to face future academic challenges with confidence.

SEK professionals specialised in each of the subjects.

Inmaculada Pulido Morente –
Antonio Magaña Gázquez –

Check prices with the school secretary.
(+34) 950 49 72 73 / (+34) 900 87 87 98

Necessary material
Laptop and specific syllabus for failed subjects from the school of origin.

Practical information
Active communication with the student’s tutor.

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