Extra Tuition

Summer school and extra tuition

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From 12 to 18 years old




09:00-16:00 with lunch


From 6 to 31 July


1 ESO – 1 Bachillerato

6th – 31st July

2 Bachillerato

23rd June – 31st July

Additional support, overcoming challenges and the importance of reinforcing and consolidating knowledge.

The course is focused on preparing students to pass subjects in the extraordinary assessment session of July and reinforcing subjects that, whist not failed, could benefit from consolidation before moving on to the next level of study.

The course is generally not designed for just one subject but rather provides an opportunity to work on various subjects so that the student is better prepared for the following year. For the majority of students the course is organised with a common base of mathematics and Spanish language before then personalising the remaining time according to the needs of each student.

For SEK families our recommendation is to consult with the tutor in order to discuss the goals and needs of your son or daughter for the course, as well as whether to sign them up for the in-person or online version of the course.

For families whose children are not currently SEK students, please contact directly the course coordinator, Jamie Shaw.


The objective is to foster daily study habits and to promote learning that is more autonomous.

    • Personalised classes by subject.
    • Dedicated study and consultation time.
    • Tutor sessions.


Held on SEK-Ciudalcampo school grounds.

Extra tuition courses are taught by SEK teachers and both students and their families are offered personal attention by specialised tutors.


James Shaw – james.shaw@sek.es

Check fees with the school secretary

Download the pdf enrolment form here to submit to the school secretary

Families will be informed of the academic process of their children through two newsletters sent by email.

Long trousers and white short sleeved polo t-shirt.

Optional route (additional cost) for all students who request it.

Breakfast and lunch included, prepared in school kitchen. Special meals are offered if necessary.


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