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Students born from 2005 to 2009 inclusive


Spanish and English


From 9.00 a 16:00
There is the Boarding House option on campus for students who request it.


From 27 June to 29 July

This course offers three options:
– RE@DY FOR 22-23: Course recommended for students who need to prepare subjects for the following academic year as well as to improve their collaborative work, including study, concentration and relaxation techniques.
Secondary School groups will be adapted to the needs of the students, grouping them by knowledge and themes rather than by year group thanks to the personalisation that the team of professionals with extensive experience will carry out individually at the beginning of the course that will provide them with the necessary academic adaptation to achieve the stated objectives.
For Baccalaureate students, the active extra study classes will include dynamic, participatory and, above all, educational learning methodologies that resolve doubts and prepare students to tackle their last school year with greater knowledge and with greater confidence.
– CAMBRIDGE CERTIFICATE PREPARATION option: recommended for candidates for the coming round of Cambridge English language exams and who believe that, in the summer, there is an opportunity to “grow” in a fun and entertaining way.
– ON TRACK option, for students who see in the summer period an opportunity to improve their language skills, to then be eligible to opt for the fully English school curriculum
All options offer students recreational sports activities and outings as it is not simply a remedial course but one to foster motivation and positive reinforcement.

There is boarding for students who request it.

Families will be informed of the academic process of their children.
Appropriate work techniques will be applied for each subject.
Students will receive personal guidance on how to optimise their work.

Activities are held at SEK– El Castillo

The preparatory course is taught by SEK teachers.
Personalised attention by tutors.

Baccalaureate students: Beatriz Beatriz Alvaro –
Secondary year 1 & 2 students: Belén Barreiro –
Secondary years 3 and 4 students: David Ramos –

Summer SEK El Castillo Coordinator
Matilde Castro

Consult the school secretary.

5% discount for payment before 31 May – SEK and non-SEK students.
7.5% discount for SEK students and alumni.

Infirmary service

Transport (additional cost) for all students who request it.

In school kitchen. Special meals are available for those who need them

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