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Born between 2011 and 2014
From 9 to 12 years of age




Option 1: In person from 09:00 to 14:00.
Option 2: On campus school Boarding House School.
Option 3: Online from 9:00 to 11:00


From 26 June to 28 July

Camp aimed at year 5 and 6 Primary students Interested in learning Spanish in a fun and enjoyable way, following quality learning with specific language learning modules and specific immersion modules in activities with AND speaking peers adapted to the special learning circumstances of foreign students.
Students will work on SEK Education Group learning skills for the relational transformation such as effective communication and expression skills and understanding in Spanish, integrating the study of the language in a Spanish-speaking cultural environment, practising in real communicative experiences.

The in person option offers effective immersion in Spanish culture with recreational activities and different types of outings:

  • Cultural and artistic outings to museums, films and concerts.
  • Historical cultural outings to spaces that have marked the history of Spain.
  • Cultural and gastronomic outings
  • Popular cultural and sports outings to craft fairs and campuses such as Real Madrid.

Activities take place on SEK-El Castillo school grounds.

SEK-El Castillo staff and specialist qualified outdoor instructors.

Adriana Gil –
Matilde Castro –

Students on the in person option must bring:

  • For pool days: backpack, swimming cap, towel and pool shoes. Items must be labelled with the student’s full name.
  • Change of clothes to leave at school.

Boarding students will receive additional information upon completing registration.

Optional transport (additional cost) for all students who request it.

Special meals are offered if necessary.
The school provides children with a packed lunch on outings.