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From 12 to 16 years old
From 16 to 18 years old




From 09:30 to 16:00 (mid-morning break and one hours of lunch)


From 6 to 17 July

Maximum group size

15 (by order of enrolment)

Minimum group size

5 students 

Training Wheels www.trainingwheels.es – offers SEK International Schools the FIND YOURSELF programme for ESO students during the month of July.

It is the perfect time to start a journey that transports students to THEIR FUTURE.
A trip in which for the first time they will be able to dedicate time exclusively to getting to know themselves better, discovering their full potential and projecting their future selves in a test environment.

What is the goal?

  • To help them make better decisions in the future.
  • To discover the possibilities offered by their environment.
  • To train in skills such as critical thinking and resilience to ensure success today and in the future.

We will help students design a conscious and realistic plan of what they want to do in the future and how they are going to do it.
We help students imagine different versions of the future, because we believe that making better decisions is a skill that can be worked on and that is fundamental for a changing future.

About the programme
Students learn SOFTS SKILS for one week, through challenges and designing various roadmaps of their FUTURE SELF.

The objective of the programme is to prepare students for the difficult decision they will have to make at the end of secondary education.
Young people need to experiment and at this stage they are under a lot of pressure, many of them are clear about their vocation, but many others do not even know where to start.

FIND YOURSELF is a programme that helps young people to get to know themselves. They will develop the skills with which they will forge their future selves through workshops and practical experiences, with the opportunity to test and experiment with different scenarios that help them come closer to visualising their future potential.

The experience
This journey is full of challenges where we develop 21st century skills through active methodologies such as workshops and challenges in small groups in which self-awareness and basic soft skills such as critical thinking, creative thinking, interaction and communication will be worked on.All to end by putting learning into practice with the daily construction of their future and presenting their plan to the rest of the team on the last day of the course.

Course work is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as a common thread that will lead us to reflect on “what is my place and where I want to be” to arrive at “MY FUTURE SELF”, in addition to reflecting on solutions with social impact.

Expected results
The first workshop will serve to present the programme and ask for a first draft of where students see themselves in 10 years and how they plan to get there.

Students will be expected to answer this important question in much greater depth at the end of the programme, having gained more knowledge and more self-awareness.

The ultimate goal is for them to learn to make better decisions and to prepare to make decisions concerning their future.

A day in the FIND YOURSELF programme

  • We tailor the programme to the needs of the school and the students.
  • Workshops include design thinking, research with complex sources, scientific method, visual thinking and escape rooms.
  • All tied to a broader purpose:
  • Knowing themselves better and making better decisions.
  • Gaining better understanding of the world around them and the major challenges facing society (SDG).
  • A learning experience that ends with a prototype of their future self.

Ángel González de la Fuente – agonzalez@trainingwheels.es

More information at www.trainingwheels.es

Entrepreneurship and Social Impact: Find Yourself programme
(ESO). From 6 to 17 July
Call 1 (2 weeks) 778€

7.5% discount for SEK students.

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