Intensive Spanish Course Online


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De 10 a 12 años


Beginner and Intermediate


From 6 to 31 July

1 month (2h/day)
Weekly option available

This course is aimed at students in years 5-6 of Primary school with an interest in learning Spanish in a fun and enjoyable way. The course syllabus is specifically designed to be a tool and fundamental support aid for academic learning. The syllabus is therefore designed in to support and extend the contents of years 5-6 PYP and MYP and adapted to the current exceptional circumstances.

Thanks to its organisation, students will work on expression and comprehension skills in Spanish. In this way, the study of the language is integrated into a rich Spanish-speaking cultural environment, where the student acquires and practices real communicative experiences.

The course is aimed at improving oral, written, reading and discursive skills in a language that, by nature, encompasses a broad intercultural scope, such as Spanish.

Students will enjoy quality online learning through platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Flipgrid, LyricsTraining and among others, which they have become familiar with other recent months.

Teaching is structured in interconnected weekly modules, with a rich variety of teaching resources and materials.

Work techniques for easier, more comfortable and more effective study range from a project-based approach and group activities to individual reinforcement of oral and written skills in Spanish.

The objective is to consolidate communication skills in order to be prepared to garner the greatest success next academic year.

  • SEK-El Castillo:

Carmen Lopez

Intensive online Spanish as an Additional Language Course.
Years 5 and 6 Primary.  From 6 to 31 July
Call 4 (4 weeks)

Call 3 (3 weeks)

Call 2 (2 weeks)

Call 1 (1 week)





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