Online extra tuition and exam resit preparation

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ESO: From 12 to 16 years of age
Bachillerato: 16 to 18 years old


Spanish / English (depending on the subject)


The minimum number of students will be determined by school and course (check with the coordinator)


From 6 to 31 July

From 3 to 28 August (only in SEK-El Castillo-Modalidad Online only 2nd Bach)


From 09:00 to 13:00 (the hours may vary, it will depend on the groups and subjects)

Course aimed at SEK ESO and Bachillerato students, this online recovery course allows students to reinforce and consolidate knowledge.
Following a specially designed teaching programme, students will work on the essential concepts of the failed subjects or those they need extra help with for the following year. In this way, study is integrated into the student’s life by following on with the quality online learning that they have been enjoying in recent months.
This course aims to prepare students to resit final exams (dates pending decision by each Autonomous Region) and to be given extra tuition in subjects as needed.
Option of choosing a single online subject (check price).

Students learn to improve specific work techniques for each subject to ensure easier, more comfortable and effective study, using platforms they have become familiar with over recent months, such as Microsoft Teams. The objective is to foster daily study habits and to promote autonomy in learning.

Course coordinators:

 “Check fees with the school secretary”

Download the pdf enrolment form here to submit to the school secretary
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