Spanish Course Online


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From 12 to 16 years old


From 6 to 31 July

2h / day
Weekly option available


12 students

SEK-Dublin International School is pleased to offer you an Online Spanish Summer Course “Spanish-speaking Panorama”

This course is designed for students who want to deepen their speaking and listening skills, as well as written and listening skills. Classes are dynamically organized, with a wide variety of interactive tools such as Flipgrid, OneNote, Microsoft Forms, Kahoot, LyricsTraining,, among others, to ensure that students interact, participate and actively progress in learning of the Spanish language. Each week focuses on a different theme around which the different vocabulary and structure activities are developed, focused on communication needs, which culminate in a final project by the students.

Initial Level Course – Weekly plan:

  • Week 1: We are going on vacation to Spain!
    During this first week we start our journey to the Costa del Sol, where we will enjoy paradisiacal beaches and excellent seafood in emblematic destinations such as Mijas or Fuengirola. We will ride a `taxi donkey ’and learn to interact with the locals.
  • Week 2: Making new friends
    This second week we will travel to the exotic and colorful Mexico. During our vacation in Mexico, we will know their customs and different food. Do you like spicy food?
  • Week 3: Visiting my family
    In the third week, we will get to know typical Hispanic families and we will go to remote places like El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. Are you ready for this trip?
  • Week 4: I’m hungry!
    The fourth week goes on a culinary route. From city to city, and from continent to continent, we will go for tapas in Seville, we will eat paella in Valencia and we will taste the delicious tamales of Costa Rica.

Intermediate Level Course – Weekly plan:

  • Week 1: “Come party with us!”
    This week we will learn to express our preferences and our opinions on a trip to the exotic Oruro carnival in Bolivia and the Cadiz carnival in Spain. We will also learn about the Spanish culture of the siesta and about the spas, an excellent way to take care of relaxing.
  • Week 2: “Those wonderful years”
    In the second week we will land in the Fallas of Valencia, a well-known festival in Spain, which advocates ephemeral art. We will learn to describe customs and events in the past and to tell stories like those of the “Ratoncito Pérez”.
  • Week 3: “Shopping in Madrid”
    In the third week we travel to the emblematic flea market in Madrid, where we will learn how to order something in a store, and also how to haggle.
  • Week 4: “How nice!”
    This last week we will discover the magical night of San Juan in Galicia. We will also travel to discover the flower and colour festivals of the Velorio de Cruz de Mayo in Venezuela and the Day of the Dead in Mexico.

Romina Griffa

Online Spanish Summer Course “Spanish-speaking Panorama” BACH.
From 6 to 31 July
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Call 3 (3 weeks)

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