Success in IB-DP Course Online

Diploma Programme

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From 16 to 17 years old (students who have completed Y1 DP)


Spanish and English (according to subjects).


From 09:00 to 13:00 (with a half hour break)


From 6 to 24 July (course by weeks and subjects)

Week/fortnight/month according to the student’s choice of subjects.



Course aimed at SEK students

This course is for a maximum of 15 students who will be accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Designed for students who have completed their first year of the Diploma Programme and wish to reinforce, consolidate and improve their skills and knowledge. The objective is to reinforce, consolidate and deepen the understanding of complex concepts as well as advancing with some subjects.

New this year, this course is offered entirely online through Microsoft Teams. Diploma coordinators from all SEK schools have participated in the design of the course, consulting students on their needs and interests in order to offer the most suitable and satisfactory programme for all.

The subjects will be taught by different schoolteachers to all the students, in this way, the experience is enriched by sharing the work of all the schools, their teachers and students.
Students can decide what subjects to sign up for, with a maximum of 15 students per subject to optimise student performance and results.
Intensive timetable 4 hours a day per subject. The subjects are as follows:

Timetable From 6 to 10 July From 13 to 17 July From 20 to 24 July
09:00-13:00 intensive
(with half hour break)
Mathematics AA
David Delgado SEK-Catalunya
Federica Menón, SEK-Ciudalcampo
José Félix Salmerón SEK-Alborán
Matemáticas AA
Sergio Lago SEK-Atlántico
Luis Kreiman SEK-El Castillo

Gordon Wilkinson

SEK-El Castillo

Mathematics AI
Cherish Akaraiwe SEK-El Castillo

Business Management / Gestión empresarial (Bilingüe)

Consuelo Muro


Matemáticas AI
Jorge Manrique SEK-Alborán

Course sessions will be taught in synchronous classes on Microsoft Teams.  Teachers will be connected and at students’ disposal to answer questions or queries at all times.

Each student can choose as many subjects as they wish each week, the price of the course will be per weekly subject

Course coordinators:

Success in IB-DP BACH. Price 1 subject/subject
From 6 to 31 July
Call 1 (1 week) 281

7.5% discount for SEK students.

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