Experience your first university experience - find out what you want to do!

UCJC, Camilo José Cela University
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Students between 16 and 18 years old


Classroom attendance




From 26 to 30 June

Find out what you want to do! Enjoy your first experience at university.

At Camilo José Cela University we have created an incredibly special summer course. Our goal is to guide you in the very important decision that you will have to make shortly: What am I going to study? This course will help you discover different areas of knowledge such as communications and humanities, education, health or technology and science through workshops, activities and an immersion in real companies.

Our campus will host different fun and interesting experiences related to the bachelor’s degrees and professional training offered by the University.

Once you have decided on the area of knowledge that interests you the most, you can choose from the different options, the workshops that you like the most and enhance your immersion in companies and institutions in your chosen sector.

In addition, you will find activities that are common, transversal to all areas.

Knowledge areas Communications and Humanities

Branded Content. Creative content for brands
You will learn to generate creative content for brands or for yourself (personal brand – digital footprint).

Silence on set!
You will start by writing a script about sustainability, social commitment, equality, well-being or entrepreneurship, and then shoot and edit it with the help of our MediaLab.

How to plan, design and make a creative proposal for an event?
We will teach you how to develop an event from the beginning: how to design the idea, the layout of the communications pieces (invitation and posters), the preparation of a social action event and the creative proposal.

Simulation of a Model United Nations
You will participate in a simulation of the Model United Nations.

Survival guide for today’s world
This workshop consists of learning through examples of legality and applied cases of compliance and non-compliance to understand why it is important to comply with laws, regulations and rules. We are going to demonstrate the negative impact that non-compliance generates not only for society, but also for the individual who fails to comply.

ELECTIVE: Choose an activity.

  • School of influencers and creativity in social networks -TikTok: You will learn how to communicate with impact in TikTok, through digital literacy, which is necessary to generate content that is “liked” and goes viral based on social respect and responsibility.
    We will give you an insight into how influencers work.
  • How to make a podcast: You will develop a podcast on a current affairs topic, using the MediaLab radio studio. You will learn how to create a playlist to produce professional podcasts for broadcasting on social networks.


Knowledge areas Education

We create educational “edits”
You will make “edits” from movies and music videos to convey educational messages.

You will learn different lettering techniques: from creating your own writing utensils from recycled materials, to making posters and infographics to motivate children to write with original and personal calligraphy and learn different calligraphic techniques.

Musical expression
Get some rhythm in your life! You will explore different rhythmic activities that will allow you to get started in rhythmic expression, explore the rhythm produced by different sound elements and create a batucada.

Early Childhood Education Gymkhana
You will learn to set several challenges related to early childhood education activities and how they are applied to working with children in the classroom.

Illustrations: learn to tell stories with pictures
Get closer to children’s and youth literature through the illustrated album format and learn to understand and interpret visual language (colours, shadows, scenes, sizes, etc.) creating your own illustrated album.

Let’s get handy
Get to know, design and create crafts associated with fine motor skills, using materials found in nursery schools: finger paint, patterns, plasticine, musical maracas…

Puppet theatre
Design and create puppets and make a script about a social conflict and the proper way to resolve it.

Create your own toy
Design and build an educational toy together with technology and science students.

Knowledge areas Health and Sport

Horsemanship and the Equestrian World
Learn the principles of equestrian activity (equestrian disciplines such as dressage, jumping or eventing), how to care for horses and the basics of practical equestrianism.

Blind tasting: palatability and organoleptic properties
Learn about the different physicochemical properties of food and their combinations.

Physiotherapy in the water
Create an interesting and fun way of treating patients in the swimming pool.

Measure your smile
In this workshop we will work like professional dentists, we will measure and mould our dental pieces with the most advanced techniques. Learn how to use dental materials and create the measurements of your perfect smile.

Geo environmental search
Working as a team and with a GPS, you will have to find different hidden beacons of an environmental nature, with information on flora, fauna, geology… As you progress, new clues will be revealed.

Medicine for your lungs
In this short workshop you can learn how medicine addresses different conditions from different fields. In this case we will focus on lung disease, and we will show you how with biological, pharmacological and mechanical treatments, we can help to treat some conditions.

Practical pharmacy classroom
In this short workshop you can learn how medicine addresses different conditions from different fields. In this case we will focus on lung disease, and we will show you how with biological, pharmacological and mechanical treatments, we can help to treat some conditions.

ELECTIVE: Choose an activity in each elective.

  • Biological escape: Escape Room where teams will have to solve numerous tests related to the Infirmary in order to escape.
  • Water rescue and CPR: You will work on the basics of water rescue and cardiopulmonary resuscitation for drowning (held at the UCJC Sport Club swimming pool).


  • Do you dare to make decisions?: Escape Room where you will have to be agile and decide which path to take, which solution is the right one, how to face a problem when you are under pressure. When it’s all over, you will learn how the decision-making process works, what factors are involved and evaluate the decisions you have made during the game.
  • When the senses “deceive” us:perceptual illusions: You will produce materials related to perceptual illusions: visual, tactile and gustatory, learning the mechanisms associated with perception.


Knowledge areas Technology and Science

Machine Learning: The new health tool
You will learn how BigML works, a famous machine learning cloud platform, in which you will upload data to see all the analytical processes and the possibilities it offers.

Learn to manage your money (Financial Management in Adolescence)
You will learn very necessary concepts that will help you understand basic financial operations so that you know how to organise yourself. You will prepare your own budget, you will manage your savings, how to open a bank account, make purchases in instalments…
Everything an enterprising spirit needs to know!

Call of International Trade. Monopoly
You will participate in an international trade game in which you will play companies in foreign trade operations where you will learn concepts such as exports and imports. This is a major challenge!

Start from the beginning: How do I go from an idea to a business?
You will learn how successful entrepreneurs went from having an idea to a business, told in their own words. You will learn to solve real challenges through the Design Thinking method.

ELECTIVE: Choose an activity in each elective.

  • Video Game Design: You will use simple tools like to create your own Star Wars game, a miniature Minecraft, or something similar.
  • Create your own toys: You will design and build an educational toy together with students from the Education area.


  • Create mobile apps: You will create your own app for mobile devices, without the need to know programming and using simple components such as buttons, fields, etc.
  • Creation of our own interactive website: You will develop your own interactive website on a theme of your choice.


  • Programming 101: You will work on an initiation to digital animation.
  • Traditional animation with photography and charcoal: You will create animations with charcoal and photography like these.


Transversal Areas

These activities will be carried out jointly, throughout the week, together with all the students enrolled in the UCJC Summer Camp.

Vocational Guidance Programme
In the admissions phase (prior to the beginning of the course), students will carry out a previous vocational guidance evaluation by the UCJC Guidance Department.
They will attend orientation sessions common to all students and specific sessions for each itinerary.
Each student will have an individual session where the results of their personalised evaluation will be worked on, and the dossier obtained throughout the Pre-College Camp will be reviewed, helping them to deepen the discovery of their vocation.

UCJC Mini Olympics
During the UCJC Pre-College Camp, participants will have three one-hour sessions in which our University Sports department has designed activities related to non-traditional sports, so that they will be able to interact with each other, increase their social relationships, and do exercise in a fun way.

Based on the interests of each student, they will carry out a practical immersion in a real company, so that they can actively participate in the reality of the chosen professional field.
Possible leading businesses in each of the sectors in which it would be interesting for the students to carry out their immersion, after assessing it together with the university faculties, include: