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We design our summer experiences to the same standards of excellence as our academic courses.

Over 60 years’ experience and our continued pursuit of innovation endorse us as a leading standard in organising and running our summer camps and courses.

A track record in teaching, and in this case in organising summer programmes, that is endorsed by:

  • Our qualified professionals with long-standing experience in teaching and who are truly passionate about learning and next-generation educational tools.
  • Summer programmes are run by teachers from our schools, implementing strategies appropriate for summer activities.
  • We ensure personal care and attention, each student is assigned their own tutor.
  • Our first-class facilities and resources, blending in-person and virtual environments and natural settings with the most cutting-edge and multi-purpose facilities.
  • Guidance from non-formal education experts from Spain and abroad that enables us to be at the forefront of these types of learning experiences that are both enriching and fun.
  • We boast quality and excellence certifications in all we do. All the members of the SEK teaching community are committed to upholding management standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14.000, EFQM) and adhere to International Baccalaureate (IB) and the Council of International Schools (CIS) standards of excellence.